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Acme Aerospace has over 30 years’ experience in the custom design and manufacturing of aviation and aerospace battery systems and similar support products. Our reputation has been built through the quality and dependability of the thousands of Acme batteries, chargers and other electronics that power military, commercial and civilian aircraft around the world.

As a leader in Fiber Nickel Cadmium (FNC) “Zero Maintenance” batteries, charge and relay control units, converters, emergency back-up systems and more, Acme produces the mission-critical power systems upon which our wide range of aerospace customers, and ground-based and industrial clients have come to depend.  

Utilizing advanced switching converter technology, Acme chargers are commonplace throughout the aerospace market in applications utilizing lead-acid, vented nickel-cadmium, lithium, and FNC battery technologies. In fact, our patented, sealed FNC batteries form the basis of an advanced power system that has been chosen for such high-profile uses as the Boeing 777, Boeing Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter and numerous space vehicles. Acme is truly the “one-stop shop” customers turn to for reliable power solutions.

Acme: the premier designer/manufacturer of mission-critical power electronics

  • Specializing in power conversion, distribution systems and energy storage for reliable, ruggedized operations
  • Custom product design and development, advanced R&D, manufacturing & test, and logistics & data support
  • Advanced technology for lightweight, high-reliability power electronic solutions
  • Highly diversified portfolio of off-the-shelf products for commercial and military aerospace applications

Powering nearly every type of aircraft and combat ground vehicle:

Commercial transport, regional jets, fixed- and rotor-wing military vehicles, general aviation aircraft and business jets, unmanned vehicles, and more.

Worldwide availability and support for aircraft manufacturers, Systems Integrators, airline operators, MROs, US Armed Forces, and Foreign Military End Users. Valued Partnerships with Leading Aviation Sales Representatives and Distributors:

Sales Reps


China & India

Topcast is the largest independent, Asian-based distributor of aircraft parts in Asia Pacific Region and is serving the aviation industry worldwide

South America

For over 35 years Panair has provided sales and technical support in Latin America to the companies we represent. Our Principals are first-line manufacturers of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and avionics components and equipment for the aerospace, defence and aviation.

We support the entire development cycle, from the definition of optimized solutions for particular applications, through the procurement process to installation, testing and production kickoff. We further assist in complying with the operational and administrative requirements peculiar to our customers and markets.


The GELBYSON Company is strongly connected to the commercial and military aviation market as its range of activities consist in the representation, distribution and MRO of aviation related OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) systems, services and components.

France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany

Surfeo is the perfect sales extension in Europe and North America for worldwide manufacturers, suppliers, designers of innovative product and solution services for Aerospace & Defense. 

TEDER ELECTRO MECHANICAL Ltd. was established in 1989. Since then, TEDER has been an exclusive representative of various leading international manufacturers in the electronic industry. The company activity covers a diversified range of electronic manufacturers, telecommunication, medical and military aerospace oriented companies.


JALUX is an aviation conglomerate, established 1962 as a Japan Airlines subsidiary. To its military and commercial aviation customers, JALUX provides supply chain, procurement and inventory management services for aircraft parts, components and engines. JALUX also offers sales, remarketing and leasing of aircraft and engines, aircraft disassembly and part-out services. Altogether, we have global and integrated solutions for a wide range of aviation industry.             


AVVA is an international organization providing consultancy and representation services to world-class companies in Aerospace Industry. 




STS Component Solutions prides itself on providing global aircraft inventory solutions to its customers, 24/7/365. On-time delivery of certified aircraft parts lies at STS Component Solutions’ core. The organization specializes in materials management, OEM distribution and supply chain solutions. We have a proven track record for locating hard-to-find aircraft / engine parts and stock a rotable inventory in strategic warehouses around the world. In today’s fast-paced world of aviation, STS Component Solutions is the one global company that can provide the aircraft inventory and on-time delivery you need to keep flying! To learn more please visit or call 1-888-777-2960.

Asia / Pacific

Topcast is the largest independent, Asian-based distributor of aircraft parts in Asia Pacific Region and is serving the aviation industry worldwide


Satair is a world leading provider of aftermarket services and solutions for the civil aerospace industry.

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